The Center for Implementation Efficiency (c4ie, LLC): Innovation, Efficient Execution, Partnership, Sustainability

Our work - focus on efficient use of resources and innovation for Sustainable Development.

Our focus areas:

(i)  Quality: Quality implementation and evaluation;

(ii) Innovation: Innovation in Project Cycle Management & financing;

(iii) Analysis: Data analysis, evidence generation, data management; 

(iv) TA: Technical assistance and capacity building

(v)  Systems Strengthening: Health system, education system, financial system, M&E system; financing systems

(vi) Quality design: Human Centered Design, Context specific interventions, evidenced-based and evidenced informed programming

(vii) Impact measurement & impact monetization

(viii) Training

Our program areas:

Maternal & child health, reproductive health, adolescent health, communicable diseases, health systems, health financing, non communicable diseases(NCDs), vaccine programs, education programs, nutrition, economic opportunity, climate change, and capacity building.

About Us

The Center for Implementation  Efficiency (C4ie) is a consultancy firm with expertise in health, education, and nutrition sector.  It is also a digital platform - sharing lessons learned, best practices, practical ideas, etc. to facilitate learning and collaboration to facilitate efficient program implementation. As an entity with highly experienced international development practitioners, we also provide project management and technical consultancies and advisory services. 

Our focus is Implementation for Sustainability.  Efficient implementation includes technical and execution efficiency, quality program design with beneficiaries, and implementation planning with sustainability as key consideration.  It means a systems approach to deliver sustainable integrated services with considerable domestic resources. 

Efficiencies can be achieved at any stage of project cycle management - design, start-up, implementation, and evaluation. Thomas Watson of IBM said "Good design is good business".  We know good design is the initial step toward good implementation. 

The Center will collect and make available best practices in implementation so that project managers and donors can use the information for implementation improvement and program design as part of continuous improvement process.

The Center will provide critical and independent assessments of program/ project implementation to assess impact, value for money, and efficiency. We believe in private sector approach to evaluation for rapid feedback on implementation and a dynamic adaptive management system for course corrections for results.

We will identify and support innovation that contributes to both effectiveness and cost-efficiency. We will implement new and innovative initiatives to assist local partners to meet local needs. We will prioritize local partnerships in our program design and implementation.

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