Our Services:



Program evaluation:

Program implementation assessments

Mid term and end of program evaluation

Pre-grant or pre-investment assessments of investment package

Program implementation technical assistance

Assessment of principal recipient and sub recipient assessments

Review of financial package and programmatic package

Procurement assessments

Procurement technical assistance

Technical assistance to improve poor performing projects

Gender analysis and technical support


Efficiency assessments:

Program efficiency assessments

Management efficiency assessments

Advocacy for efficiency measures


Financial Assessment:

Financial analysis and efficiency assessment

Risk assessment

Financial capacity building planning and training


Innovative projects:

Management of innovative projects

Program design and proposal development


ICT program review and assessments

Communication program design

Communication implementation assessments

Operations research

Best practice documentation


Capacity development:

Capacity assessment and capacity building planning

Capacity building training


Civil society governance review and assessment

Governance document preparation

Governance technical assistance


Private Sector:

Use private sector approaches to improve efficiency

Document best practices of private sector partnership

Promote private sector co-investments



Case studies

Best practices






Client Support:

We help our clients with solutions to improve implementation of projects.  We save money and other resources. We locate inefficiencies and provide solutions for efficient management.  We push the boundaries on “less is more” and ‘innovation’ in development projects. Our clients include donors, project managers, philanthropists, private corporations corporate social responsibility teams, government agencies, national and international organizations.

We see waste of resources in many programs. We know many organizations simply do not have the right management to ensure efficient use of resources. We believe efficiencies will free up resources for additional work and donors as well as countries will get clear values for money.  We know that efficiencies should not result in poor quality work, rather efficient operation contributes to quality.   Our commitment is for top quality assessments and independence of our work. We believe that independent reports are now essential for better decision making and strategies. We believe efficiency leads to sustainable development and innovation is essential for continuous improvement.  We will accept opinion articles from experienced professionals.

We believe efficiency can be achieved in program implementation, management and governance arrangements, financial arrangements, pre-grant assessments, risk assessments, and program evaluation.


Tell us your situation and we will assist.  We will find the talent you need to get the job done.  We will deliver on our commitment within deadline and budget.


Taufiqur Rahman, President/CEO


Taufique is an experienced manager of international health programs with over 27 years’ experiences at the national and international levels.  Taufique brings considerable senior program management experiences, large and small, which achieved results with efficiency and within approved timeline.  In many cases, efficiencies of 10% to 30% have been achieved in these projects which allowed the projects to achieve much higher results with approved financing.  He is also a specialist in results and performance-based financing, program evaluation, and capacity building.


Dr Ramnik Ahuja, PPP Advisor 

Dr Ramnik Ahuja is  a public health specialist , with more than 12 years of experience in private sector partnerships in the health sector. Her core public health expertise includes developing strategies, policies &  programs, program evaluation, guidelines and conducting operational research in health  for the private sector . She specializes in synergizing the private sector role in developing comprehensive structures for various public  health interventions ranging from the  first private sector partnership in India on antiretroviral treatment (ART) clinical programs for HIV patients , to developing the “Comprehensive Guidelines on Healthy Workplace Setting” , developing and implementing public private partnerships for National Health Programs as PPP models for the community as part of Corporate Social Responsibility for the industry . In addition, Ramnik has led several public/private partnership meetings in India with the Global Fund in different states involving Chamber of Commerce, Directors of CSR programs, and public sector senior officials.  She headed the Public health Division for Confederation of Indian Industry(CII) as Senior Health Specialist and also supported the Friends of the Fund South and West Asia, a private sector led organization supporting fights against HIV/AIDS, TB, and Malaria.  She led several private sector consultations on Malaria, work place preventions, and Reproductive/Child Health. She has authored a number of articles published in reputed national and international journals.  She holds a MD degree and other degrees i.e. DNB and MNAMS.



The firm has a roster of highly experienced consultants who have experience in every continent and various health programs funded by major donors. The Center has management experts, project management specialists, financial analysts, procurement specialists, monitoring and evaluation specialists, private sector managers, IT specialists, disease and health systems specialists, and governance specialists. For every assignment, the Center will be pleased to send copies of experts CVs/resumes to potential clients. We have experts with developing country experiences.    The consultants are experienced with The Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria, World Bank, International NGOs, USAID, DFID, and EU funded projects, Gates foundation and other private foundation supported projects, and health sector programs in developing countries.

Interested professionals may also send their CV/resume to: C4efficiency@yahoo.com

Local Partners:

 The Center has partnership with local consultancy firms in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Kenya who specialises in financial analysis and assessments, risk management, program evaluation, capacity assessments of implementers, technical and financial management capacity building.


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